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Influential Women in Design

Gina Dixon and Kristen Lomax


'Tastemakers, color visionaries, lovers of the unique finds, and style rule breakers - the design industry is abundant with innovative and imaginative women. But alongside their considerable talents in the world of all things aesthetic, the most influential women in the trade possess an understanding of the business of design, too. They are savvy and agile, while preserving the empathic and interconnected viewpoints that make them so good at getting each client’s space “just right.” In this special section, get to know some of the most influential women of design.'

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Architectural design that combines timeless quality, innovation and collaboration results in homes that elevate everyday life and evolve with the people living there. As partners at Fergus Garber Architects, Kristen Lomax and Gina Dixon, embody the prestigious firm’s commitment to teamwork, while bringing their unique skills and talents to their clients, colleagues and projects. “From complete remodels of historic Palo Alto residences to designing new homes on complex hillside sites in Woodside, we have a diverse portfolio and wide-ranging knowledge of architectural styles and environments,” Dixon says. Those design skills along with a thoughtful, client-based approach allows the firm to create truly enduring spaces. Lomax adds, “We are forward-thinking and design for the long term, so that our clients’ homes grow with their families and meet their wants and needs for years to come.”

“We focus on service, communication and trust as we strive to make the process collaborative and fun for our clients.”


Gina Dixon and Kristen Lomax on their goals and ambitions.“We are a women-owned and led business that is bringing a unique viewpoint to our profession,” the partners say. “As architects committed to residential design and mothers raising young families, we bring a fresh perspective to clients who are creating family homes. All the while, we are focused on projects that are diverse in scope and style as we provide strong mentorship and career opportunities to young architects, and advocate for women taking their place at the forefront of progress and innovation in architecture.”


Gina Dixon and Kristen Lomax each share a project that challenged and inspired them. Dixon says: “I recently completed a Bernard Maybeck-inspired Craftsman residence that required difficult problem solving and working with Atherton’s code to stretch what was possible and realize the client’s vision for their dream home.” • Lomax says: “I love the collaborative aspect of residential design. On a recent project we completed in Portola Valley, the clients were interested in the ‘why’ of everything we did. Breaking down the design process in such a way allowed me to flex my analytical and educational skills, and deliver an outstanding design that both we and the homeowners were proud of.”


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