FGA Rebranding

with Stitzlein Studio

In 2020, FGA worked with Stitzlein Studio to create a new comprehensive brand system. Like the homes FGA designs, the system was intended to capture a balance of warmth and refinement.

In Stitzlein Studio’s own words, the brand system for Fergus Garber Architects followed these guiding principles:

Inspired by California

The system we designed for FGA is based on an iconic yellow that captures the warmth and optimism of their approach to client relationships. FGA’s designers are very collaborative, and the sophisticated delight of the system captures this well. The color palette unifies all communications for FGA, and can be dialed up and down, from bold fields to isolated details.


Highly crafted identity

We designed an obsessively crafted logotype that captures the timeless detailing and creativity of FGA’s homes. Elegant yet minimal, the letterforms of the logotype boil the brand down to its absolute essence. The idea behind the missing components of the FGA logo is that your eye fills these details in, just as FGA partners with their clients to fill in the details of their personal vision.


Brand system

We captured the soul and craft of FGA’s homes through expressive layouts, delightful home photography, and a voice that celebrates the iconic communities where FGA homes live.


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