FGA Presents at AIA National Conference

Wildfire Smoke: Systems for Air Quality in Single-Family Homes

FGA's practice is exclusively focused on the single family home, primarily in the California Bay Area. In 35 years of practice, none of the homes FGA has designed have been threatened by a wildfire, however, in the last 3 years nearly all of FGA's homes have been impacted by the smoke that these wildfires produce. Thus, it has become increasingly important for the design of new and remodeled homes to protect the quality of the air that is inside them. 

Meanwhile, current California code doesn’t address the impact of wildfire smoke on indoor air quality. The code requires houses to be constructed much more tightly than they were when construction was unregulated and actually demands that outside air be mechanically brought into the house - regardless of the quality of the air outside.

FGA's seminar is a synopsis of the work the firm has done to think through these issues to better meet client’s expectations of protecting the quality of the air inside their houses.

Objectives include: Identify passive and active indoor air quality management strategies and systems for existing and new homes; Recommend air-monitoring systems for occupants; Educate homeowner clients on the uses and activities that support or exacerbate indoor air quality; Knowledge of the efficiency and resiliency of employing indoor air quality management systems and strategies.

The full talk with images is available below:
Slides - FGA + Wildfire Smoke Systems
Transcript - FGA + Wildfire Smoke Systems


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